Monday, March 24, 2008

ausTech news Episode 86: NO DARK SECTOR FOR YOU


Joining a very small list, Dark Sector has become the latest game in Australia to be refused classification.

This episode has a large amount of live audience in here, Including Ripperlord, Hooti3, Bdad119, and Sgt.Smithy, as well as others present. As a result, this episode is more casual, but still covers a large range of topics.

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Valve gets all three fps founders in its steamroom - source

Solid State Fan kicks normal fans butt - source

Dark Sector Banned in australia - source

Sony bring the fail brigade - charge you to clean your laptop - reference

Bad Company beta on xbox360 reveals buyable weapons - source

Tip of the week: - free up your Asus eee pc space!
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Video of the week:
Dark Sector
Want to see the game you are missing on,
and see for yourself if it is too violent?
Gametrailers link

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