Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ausTech news Episode 85: CANT STAND THE HEAT?

Episode 85: Can't stand the heat?

After coping with the boiling Victorian weather, and a awesome meetup with friends in Melbourne (images were blogged live here ), I pick the pieces up and talk about Asus's new mini device, as well as other things. A tip involving a multi touch capable wiimote for your pc, and a vieo about parking you won't expect.

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OCZ Announce mega quick 32 and 64 gig Solid State discs - source

Mixed reality technology promises neo like whoa - source

mp3 players celebrate their 10th Anniversary today - source

Play on linux - referring source

Mini PC - source

Tip of the week:
Use your wiimote as a Multitouch/tablet device
This clever guy uses a led device, and a mounted wiimote to be able to turn any screen or projector surface into something you can draw and interact with. Easier than you would think to do!
"Incredible wiimote hack"

Video of the week:

Extreme parking
You have to give it to him, the dedication this guy brings to
the "sport" of car parking is admirable...
Go watch on youtube

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