Friday, August 15, 2008

ausTech news Episode 98: OLYMPIC BRAIN CONTROL

Episode 98: Olympic brain control!

I finally get my hands on the OCZ Nia, which is billed as a brain input device to control your gaming controls with it - if its true as they say, it's a revolution in how you control your games! I sit down and ponder about this, as I try it out. In the first week, I give my impressions so far as well as videos of using it.

Nvidia may have a problem with faulty laptop graphics cards brewing up, and more are covered in this weeks episode of ausTech news. dive in!

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GTA IV for PC Announced! - source

Nvidia admits - we have a problem - source

Nvidia begins the price wars - source

John Carmack's wii development - worth it for the funny internet meme!

Microsoft talks about plans for new OS - Midouri - source

Internode unleashes new plan updates - source

OCZ Nia Discussion
See below for more information. The Day three video is below in last post, as well!

Tip of the week:
Colourize it
A great way to easily upload photos and tweak their colour.
A more powerful feature however, i to be able to modify the entire css and
html /images of a forum layout, and alter its colours.
A quick and easy way to personalize your website!
Video of the week:
OCZ Nia - Day 7
Watch me try out the OCZ Nia device, as I continue to learn to make
use of it. I use the mouse only to aim, and keyboard to change the weapon
in some parts.
Go watch on youtube or...

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