Friday, September 01, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 17: MMO Sabotage!

Episode 17: MMO Sabotage!
Shaun is going on a holiday, Brett loves plane sabotage, and more

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- Airplane Toilet IPod Causes Chaos
Have a laugh with this story

- Google to Allow Free Downloads of Books
Link to

- Product sabotage "helps customers"
BBC Website story

- Biggest scam in an MMO
The scoop on this cracker

- Got Lightning?
Click here for the picture

- Microsoft investigates leak of "office" videos
Yahoo story

- Fairplay/DRM on itunes 6 has been cracked
Engadget link

- Universal backs free music offer
BBC News story

This weeks video picks
911: Do you want us to shoot her?
Link to nothing toxic

The office leaked video - Microsoft employee training video!
Google video link

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