Friday, September 22, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 20: Butt Cooler

Episode 20: Butt Cooler

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- Segway PTs recalled
Two wheeled fun

- Top 5 Strangest Japenese USB Gadgets
You have to see these!

- Throw away your pens, OCR hits mobiles phones
Scanner-up, scotty! (*groan*)

- Let Tekken Decide
Link to the game

I rant on a bit about news, such as Parappa the Rappa coming to PSP, the Shoutcasted match for battlefield 2, and a few other points.

- Unreleased Gizmodo game has ButtRape in it!
Hilarious photos inside

- TV Show "Good game" is a video game show in australia
See son, back in my day, we had a show called "the zone" on channel 9...

- New secret discovered from the original N64 version of Super smash bro
See for yourself and decide if its true or not

This weeks video pick
Throw a screwdriver like a shuriken
(.... because I had to balence against the pirate theme somehow!)

This weeks tip: - for Best described as a notepad that you can save on the net, this lets you share the file and work on it together with a few people - and possibly the best and easiest registration to get started I've ever seen! I am using it to both update clan rosters, and for the shownotes when I am making them...
Link to

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