Friday, September 15, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 19: Apple + Wii!

Episode 19: Apple + Wii!

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- Breaking news Nintendo Wii conference with Release date and pricing!
Typical Joystiq being up to the minute

- See your website in 30+ different ways
Useful for developing websites

- Eco Roadster faces identity crisis
Its the new Mr Bean car!

- The Pizza man always rings twice
Yes, yes he does.

- Top 10 Game name shockers
And the appropriately huge website link

- Game prototype with Doom 3 Level graphics is under 100kb!
Well, this isn't a file you need to queue overnight

- New Supercars of 2007
Vroom vroom

This weeks video pick
Light emiting tshirts wtf.. like moving picture T-Shirts!?
Link on youtube

This weeks tip:
PodTube and iTube for Mac and PC
Use this small and simple program to download files from youTube! Just put the youtube link in it, press go, and it saves it to your pc!
Link to the authors page to download it

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