Saturday, September 30, 2006

AusTech news - Episode 21: Zune launch

Episode 21: Zune launch

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- Shaun talks about his holiday
... bangkok then phuket! haha

- Gun prices in Cs:S will be affected by in game demand!
Got to love the big changes

- The Ken Kutaragi puts another nail in PS3's coffin at Tokoyo game show
Note the hilarious DS pictures in this Joystiq story

- Playstation 3 Price cut... or is it
Read and weep.

- Intel pledges 80 cores Processers by 2011
When dual core just isn't enough.

- MySpace Trumps YouTube in Video watches
Make more sense out of it than us here

- Hidden Program of Windows XP Discovered
A working link for you to check it out!

- The myth of the 40 hour game
Trust wired to come up with the good stuff

- New phones announced: the nokia n95 and n75 phones
Of course this wouldn't slip by me, now you can goggle at them too.

- Zune launched
Now the price has been confirmed as 249.95 U.S too.

This weeks video pick
Macintosh parody ads:
These are parodies or "rejected versions" of the
"Hi I'm a pc - and i'm a mac" ads apple have been putting out. Great video!
Link to watch it at

This weeks tip:
PDF conversion via a website for free
If you would like to convert your resume to a much neater format for printing and keeping all of it in the right spot, give this web app a go. You simply upload almost anything, and it spits out a .pdf file out for you.
Link to

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