Friday, August 24, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 61: SKYPE GO BOOM

Episode 61: SKYPE GO BOOM!

This week we talk about the system-wide outtage of skype.
With the reliance of skype being so great, what does it being down mean for its future?

I also talk about the future of Cooling CPU's, as well as The blu ray and hd-dvd war still going strong (and probably to their own loss!)

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At the beginning of the show, I talk about how Mechwarrior 2's music soundtrack was awesome. Well, you can listen too!
Check out this link to see an ingame section featuring the music
and then I have a link to the intro movie for a bit of a trip down memory lane for those who played it way back in 1997.


Arm wrestling in machines in japan - they break your arm! - weird name, but its the source

Toshiba announces 320gb Laptop harddrive - source

Playstation 2 to get wiimote ripoff - source

Cooling CPU chip breakthrough - source

Skypes big outage - Full story
ITwire has a interesting article too.

The Next gen dvd format war continues - source

Tip of the week:

A simple piece of software that checks the email you are getting isn't spam. If it isn't, then bam! less worry for you, and more real emails to focus on.
More info and free download at its website

Video of the week:
Teamfortress 2: Soldier
A bit of a follow up to "heavy weapons guy" - this one is even funnier!
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Blind women hits hole in one
Metal gear solid getting frisky

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