Friday, August 31, 2007

ausTech news - Episode 62: BIOSHOCK

Episode 62: BIOSHOCK

This week we talk about Bioshock's release - the good and bad things that have come with it, as well as talking about the logitech G9 Mouse. With the first reviews out there, what do they think of it?

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Teen nearly kills himself trying to fix his xbox 360 - information

Gadgets blamed for teens lack of sleep - source

Bioshocks "rootkit" - source

Bioshock review - great review here

Microsoft Thinks new users are pirates - rofl

First review of the G9 Logitech mouse found - for the win! review

IBM server owned - short and sweet story

Video of the week:
Crysis Nanosuit trailer
Glossy ad showing what looks to be all ingame footage to the popular Crysis game - a good first video, showing off all the cool things you can do with that powerful suit thing you get...
Go watch on gametrailers

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